Brushing & Flossing

BrushingandFlossing-newSprowls Orthodontics is committed to being your top choice when you’re looking for an orthodontist in and around the Springboro, OH area. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all our patients through orthodontic treatments and oral health care. We care about our patients, so we want to do everything we can to guarantee them a future with a healthy and straight smile.

The best way to ensure a healthy smile is by brushing and flossing. Food particles can easily get trapped between teeth or braces and turn into plaque over time. The bacteria that results from this can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, or even the loss of teeth. You’ll want to take extra care of your teeth, gums, and braces during orthodontic treatment to make sure you’ll have the best possible outcome.


For best results when brushing, you should follow these steps:

  • First, use a toothbrush with soft bristles and apply a small strip of fluoride toothpaste to the brush.
  • When you start brushing, move the toothbrush in small, circular motions to reach food particles that may be trapped under your gum line.
  • You’ll want to hold your toothbrush at an angle, brushing slowly and carefully enough to cover all the areas between your teeth, your braces, and the surface of each tooth. Make sure to brush down on your upper teeth and brush up on your lower teeth.
  • Do this for both the outsides and insides of your upper and lower teeth.
  • Brush the chewing surfaces of your front and back teeth.
  • Finally, brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth before you rinse thoroughly with water.

It will take you several minutes to properly brush your teeth. It is also highly recommended to brush your teeth four times a day: once after each meal and once before going to bed. You’ll have to replace your toothbrush more often due to your appliances; as soon as your brush’s bristles begin to wear down or fray, use a new toothbrush. Using an antibacterial mouthwash is perfect for maintaining optimal oral hygiene.


There are areas between the teeth that a toothbrush can’t reach; for these areas, you will need to use dental floss to remove any food particles and plaque that get trapped there. When you’re wearing braces, flossing will take more time and patience, but it’s still very important to floss every day. We can even provide you with a reusable floss threader to make the task simpler.

If you’re using our reusable floss threader – You’ll want to pull a small length of floss from the dispenser through the threader and slide it up and down along the front of each tooth. You’ll be able to feel when your teeth are clean. You’ll also hear the squeak of the floss against your teeth if they’re clean. Make sure to be careful when flossing around your archwire; don’t floss too forcefully or use too much pressure. After you floss between your archwire and braces, floss between your other teeth.

If you aren’t using a reusable floss threader – First, pull a small length of dental floss from the dispenser. Next, wrap the ends of the floss tightly around your middle fingers. Then, guide the floss between all teeth to the gum line, making sure to remove all plaque and food particles. Unwrap the clean floss from around your fingers as you go so that you’ve used all the floss from beginning to end by the time you finish.

You should floss at night to make sure that your teeth are clean before going to bed. When you first start flossing around your braces, your gums may bleed a little. This is completely normal. However, if the bleeding persists after the first several times, please inform a staff member at your next appointment.

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